THE 24/7 MEDIA ADVERTISING: is a mid-sized integrated marketing and advertising firm with over 6 years in experience tucked under our belt. What began as a primarily outdoor advertising endeavor and has now grown into an integrated marketing communications and tri-media ads venture. 

The company's rich history of continuous innovation and 24/7/365 customer service now embraces nontraditional advertising that offers only the latest in advertising materials and new technologies such as digital printed tarpaulin, wide format printing billboards and stickers. Other ad companies are just beginning to adopt to this new-generation in advertising technology, while we've made a name for our company as the unparalleled pioneer in digital outdoor media in Bulacan for a over six years straight. Banking on our technical competence, we have entered the market before all others, creating a stronghold for us in this cut-throat industry.

We dare delve into the unknown.
Explore, Express, Empower.

At the247media, we strive hard to make sure our clients are at the forefront of these emerging technologies. Assuring them that they will reap the maximum benefits from these powerful ad media, we offer only the best possible price and quality in the market today. 
  • Serving several distinct markets, we aim to serve our clients wholeheartedly by selling them differentiated products and services to meet their needs. We are one with them in achieving their business goals:
    · To effectively market the products and services of our clients, supporting them in executing their targeted business and marketing plans.
    · To usher them towards higher sales, larger market share, greater profitability and eventually increased growth with minimal funding.
    · To establish or enhance their good reputation in their area, spearheading PR and visibility initiatives to facilitate our clients' business name, as well as branding efforts.
    · Equipped with simple but sensible strategies, to help them create their lead over the competition that will be difficult to match
    · To assist them create top-of-mind awareness among their existing and potential customers.
    · To revolutionize the way advertising is done, we will consistently provide remarkable ad content and graphics via powerful communication channels to successfully align brand strategy with our clients' business goals.
    · To come up with professional, crowd-drawing copies and graphics
    · To develop a good line of promotional merchandise to go with our clients' logo
    · And as part of our continuous product development system, to diversify our ad offerings to suit their ever-changing promotional and publicity requirements.

    After all, your products deserve a special place in the market!

    Enroute to Growth!
    Yours in Success
  • As home to a new breed of exceptional communicators, excellent events coordinators, prolific project managers and skillful artists, we endeavor to be the authority in tri-media advertising, designing and enhancing information and graphics to ensure maximum productivity while maintaining both quality and cost-effectiveness.

    With this outstanding business and technology acumen combined, we are capable of identifying new business opportunities and analyzing market needs and capitalizing on trends before competition.

    the247media believes that effective advertising that actually sells is the result of the team work among its creative pool, the rapport with our client and experience honed from years in existence in this business. 
  • the247media—meaning we take pride in our work and therefore, we are committed to the highest standards bounded by ethical behavior. We see our works as a reflection our ourselves and thus, we work hand in hand to deliver the results expected of us. We greatly insist on honesty, integrity and trustworthiness in all our undertakings and dealings, especially with our customers—our primary reason for being here, in the first place.

    The 5 Pillars of our Service Strength:
    · Creativity
    · History
    · Technology
    · Quality
    · Reliability

    The Core Values that Drive Our Business:

    We're love-inspired,
    Not duty-bound

    Passion makes us work beautifully!
The 24/7 EDGE

State-of-the art inkjet technology makes enhanced high quality / high speed performance a reality. Introducing an affordable, high performance, multifunction, solvent inkjet printer.
  • Ultra high resolution printer
  • Variable dot technology
  • triple stage intelligent heater
  • Piezo inkjet system


NEWEST DGI printer
DGIXP 1804d

The newest dgi xp in town, being the second owner in the advertising industry. This printer delivers faster output and cheaper cost on various media. Supports Flex, banner, self adhesive vinyl, mesh, specially coated fabric and etc
dgi xp1804d CAPABILITIES

  • 4 color double print heads
  • New Purging System
  • Fire voltage control system
  • Gear type tension bar